Montag, 25. Oktober 2010

Codo: a new interpretation

Codo - Ich düse im Sauseschritt from Michael Klarfeld on Vimeo.

Epic song + film project at school + cheap beer + a friend who is even weirder than me and knows how to work with adobe premiere

Sonntag, 17. Oktober 2010

Sunny Afternoon

Hallööööö liebe Kunden,

IT'S A SUNNY DAY. I'd be a fool to stay indoors for too long on a day like this. My sunny days are, like, numbered as November nears......

I'm wrapping up my 2-week fall break and on Tuesday I'm going to start teaching 4realz. I took trips to Berlin, Kiel & Flensburg. The latter two northernly cities are 30 minutes apart, but Germans consider the difference to be profound. Actually they're right.

Berlin is wild! There's Germany and there's Berlin. It's super international, very funky, and the scene is constantly changing. In spirit, it's like a cosmopolitan version of Austin. Since it's only 2 hours away and I know plenty of people living there, I'd like to visit fairly often. I'm very glad that I live in Dresden though-- in Berlin it would be hard to meet German people, oddly enough.

In Kiel and Flensburg I was reunited with Frederike & her family & her spectactular friends. We had a MUSTACHE PARTY and I got reacquainted with Fernet Branca y Coca, which is what people drink in Argentina. Listen, I think it's stupid to talk about drinking, but I'm going to make a brief exception: Fernet is something else. It's actually nice on your stomach and you'll have an opposite-hangover the next day. It is, however, an "acquired taste". (OK I'm done now)

Another memorable part of the trip occurred at the grocery store. I was buying said drink and some old man started pushing his shopping cart against me (instead of asking me to kindly move or going around me). Then after I grumbled some insults, he took out his knife and starting sharpening it. Fuckin weirdo.

In a little bit I will go to a "Hochseilgarten" with my housemates. It's tough to describe. It's a place where you climb shit and are connected to ropes, but it's not rock climbing. It's like an obstacle course high up in the trees!

That's all for now, folks. L8R!

And check out this sweet Chilean music playlist that NPR compiled.