Mittwoch, 24. November 2010

It's snowing

Today was the first snow of the year!!! It cancels out everything I was complaining about yesterday. Huzzah!

1. Snowy Meissen
2. Recess was not cancelled today
3. That snowy-roofed building is the school where I teach!

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures later in the afternoon. Much more snow had fallen and was sticking. The drive home today reminded me of postcard images from Colorado.

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  1. Hay Clara, I'd liked to join your blog, but i do not found the "button". So I do it this way. (may you remember me - michi introduced me as "jesus") - we had "granos de arroz y pollo".
    Woud be nice if have look on my blog:
    (sorry its only in german - philosphic and other stuff...)
    Was nice to met you - hope see you again. Was a nice evening